My Chastity Device

I’ve used various devices over the years with varying degrees of success. But last fall GC and I decided that I should get pierced so that I could finally get a ringless device. Lori Lancer‘s devices are recognized as being the best but she also has a history in the community. She’s been making devices for a long time.

I got a Prince Albert piercing and after a few months, I finally got my Lori 8A. We put it on almost immediately, and that was on 2/3/16. Since then I’ve taken it off only a few times. I’ve never needed to take it off because of discomfort, it’s only come off when GC wanted to play.

I can’t praise it enough. It’s perfect. I haven’t had any pain or discomfort and wearing it 24/7 causes no complications or interruptions in my daily activities. It’s the holy grail of male chastity devices.