My name is Living Curious, on FetLife I’m Living_Curious. My wife and I are late 20s early 30s college-educated professionals living and working in southern New Hampshire. Her name is Growing Curious, or GC for short.

We were in college and had been dating for only a few months when I first introduced GC to male chastity and kink. That was about six years ago and we’ve been on a kinky roller coaster ever since. This blog is about us and chastity, kink, and BDSM.

For the detail oriented, a few randomly selected tidbits:

  • I’m locked in a chastity device and GC has the key. It’s a Lori 8A.
  • I identify as submissive, GC is a bratty little. Our power dynamic is something we’re just beginning to examine in our lives so this blog will also document that process.
  • I’m a few inches shorter than 6ft and GC is a few inches shorter than me. We’re both of average build with brown hair. Think of the most gorgeous woman you know and you’ll have an idea of what GC looks like. But she’s actually better.
  • We both have bachelor’s degrees and jobs that pay well. We enjoy traveling and try to take at least one trip together each year.
  • We’ve never had an argument and we’ve never yelled at each other. We either discuss things calmly or save the discussion for when we’re not upset. It works, trust me.
  • GC has a higher libido than me and always orgasms from intercourse. And every other type of sex. In fact, she could probably orgasm just by thinking about sex if she really wanted to.
  • We are in a hetero-monogamous relationship, for now. I’m not straight but that really doesn’t matter because I’m with her and I desire no one else.
  • We don’t have any pets.

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