Yup, Still Locked

I’ve received a few messages asking me if I was still locked in chastity. Yes, I most certainly am.

I know my writing lately has trended towards diapers more since that has become a big part of the journey I’m currently on, but orgasm denial is still what I consider my “fundamental kink” and a big (or tiny, cuz, ya know) part of that is being locked in my chastity device.

Wearing diapers has also shed light on the fact that I am my most authentic self when I’m “performing” my fetishes and kinks, even when that is invisible to others. I’ve known for a long time that I am much more comfortable with my penis locked than unlocked and that has effects in my everyday interactions with people. Just like wearing snazzy clothes can make one more confident, being locked gives me confidence because I feel like I’m actively participating in my true identity.

Wearing diapers has only furthered this understanding of myself and expanded upon it. When I’m not wearing a diaper I don’t feel confident. I feel like I’m neglecting myself. So I now have a better understanding of how having metal locked onto a certain appendage of mine has a rippling effect. I might not write about it as much because it’s not as new as diapers, but it’s certainly still an integral part of my identity.

For the remainder of the years I am alive, I don’t think I will ever be unlocked for more than several hours at a time. Knowing that makes me feel warm and happy. I still don’t know if diapers will become a ‘permanent’ thing for me or if this is just something I need to explore for now. I feel like they are part of my identity but I’m still working through whether that means I will always enjoy wearing or if that means I’ll always be uncomfortable not wearing. I think we’ll just have to find out together.

But you can be certain that chastity is there, I’m virtually always locked. I’m about as certain that will never change as I am as certain about anything.

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