Kiddo by ABU

ABUniverse has some really wonderful diapers. One thing they offer that is unique is 2 tape diapers, only one tape on each side, as opposed to the vast majority out there that are 4 tape. I was always skeptical and never saw the appeal. What would be the benefit of taking away half the tapes?Kiddo by ABU

As I mentioned in my post about my diaper stash there were really good deals just after Thanksgiving. Since I had never tried anything from ABU I decided it would be a good opportunity to see what the 2 tape diapers were all about. I bought Cushies and Kiddo to try out. Of the two, I prefer Kiddo because there is both front and back elastic band which really helps them fit spectacularly well.


 I didn’t realize that the two tapes were nearly twice the size of ordinary tapes and they are really strong so there were no worries there. The benefit I see of a two tape diaper is that they have more room around the leg while still fitting well so the range of motion feels a lot less restricted.


And like all ABU diapers, they are also wicked cute.

ABDL diaper ABUniverse Kiddo





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