My Stash

I’ve gone all out and really built up my collection of diapers recently. As I’ve been wearing more and more it just seems like a good idea to build up some inventory.

And, you know, it’s my fetish so I just love buying diapers.

The after-Thanksgiving sales were really great for stocking up and I took a few pictures of my stash because I was a little amazed at how many diapers I’ve actually accumulated.


Back row, left to right:

  • ABU Space
  • ABU Cushies
  • Rearz Princess Pink
  • Rearz Safari
  • Dotty the Pony
  • Rearz Lil’ Monsters

Front Row:

  • ABU Little Pawz
  • ABU Kiddo
  • Bambino Bellissimo
  • Bambino Magnifico
  • Crinklz Original
  • Aww So Cute Pink Teddy Bear
  • ABU PreSchool Plastic
  • Crinklz Aquanaut


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