Prepping for Tumblr-ocalypse

Tumblr has announced that as of 12/17/18 they will no longer allow adult content.

So, RIP Tumblr. I think it will become an irrelevant platform before the end of the year. I hope the employees are polishing their resumes.

Perhaps this is a good thing. Tumblr was bloated with so much stolen NSFW content being reblogged, and stolen again and reblogged that it was difficult to find interesting original content. The death of Tumblr will create a diaspora of content creators across platforms and I suspect it will be a while before the steal-and-propagate crowd figures out a way to drown everything out. Time will tell which platforms will win in the end.

I’m keeping my Tumblrs up for as long as they allow it so people can be directed to the places my content ends up. Of course, this blog will always be home base for all my content but sharing photos here is clunky.

I’ve decided to take up residence at and encourage anyone who was creating and sharing original content via Tumblr to do so as well. It is almost identical to Tumblr as you can tell by the name (BDSM instead of Tumb. Get it?) and hopefully they’ll be able to scale rapidly with the sudden infusion of content sure to follow the demise of Tumblr. They’re even working to figure out a way to migrate entire Tumblr blogs on to their platform, though I secretly hope they’re not able to so we can start from scratch with original content and leave behind all the same-old shit being reblogged over and over. 

My blog over there is and I’ve also joined Twitter as I understand a lot of people are going to give that a try, and that’s @LivingCurious2. Hope to see you there!

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