Thoughts in Beta™

Language and written words are horribly inefficient methods of communicating thought.

Brains rub some chemicals and electricity together to create incoherent thought and then one must run a search algorithm and filter through decades of learned symbols and utterances to find what seems to best match this incoherent thought.

One must then analyze the search results and run through another algorithm for how to property arrange those symbols and utterances in such a way that the intended recipient can somehow comprehend the intended message in the way intended. (A message which began as incoherent thought within one’s own brain and which had to undergo many iterations of filtering, analysis, and matching algorithms before one could even attempt to convey the thought.)

Therefore, as developer of these Thoughts in Beta™, I reserve the right to convey Thoughts in Beta™ through the agreed upon but poorly understood and inconsistently applied methodology commonly referred to as the English language and, as user feedback may demonstrate, modify, clarify, redact, change, renounce, reorganize, and append such Thoughts in Beta™ as may time to time become necessary.

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