My Sexologist

I’ve been working with a sexologist for around two years, actually closer to 2 1/2 years now. My main motivation for seeking out a sexologist was to help me/us incorporate chastity into our relationship more successfully. I specifically looked for a fetish/kink friendly sexologist and found an amazing sexologist with incredible credentials.

The main difference between a sexologist and sex therapist, I think, is that therapy tends to work on ‘problems’ or ‘issues’ that need to be addressed or corrected and typically is much more abstract than the specifics of sex. A sexologist addresses sexuality in its totality, and the specifics are more prominently discussed. Sex therapy is typically about sex in the context of relationships and sexology doesn’t have that boundary.

Because my issue was kink related and not necessarily grounded in some deficiency in my relationship with GC, I thought I could roll the dice with a therapist or just try and find a sexologist. Lucky for me that one of the best sexologists in the country was just a few miles from me.

It started with a phone call where I explained the reason I wanted to be a client. I said something along the lines of wanting to figure out how to more successfully incorporate chastity and orgasm denial into our relationship. She asked me what issues we were having and I told her that I couldn’t really say because we couldn’t figure it out. We both said we wanted to, but for some reason, we just kept failing.

I should mention that I am the polar opposite in just about every way from the clients she focused her practice on. The reason I decided to get in touch with her is that she had extremely impressive credentials and stated that she was kink aware and kink friendly, and the next closest sexologist I could find like that was 1,200 miles away.

Much to my delight, she said she thought she could help and agreed to take me on as a client. Since then, my personal growth has been tremendous. Not just with sex and sexuality, but in other areas as well. I’m a better person for it and I couldn’t recommend it more to anyone who is looking to enhance their own kink journey.

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