Laser Hair Removal – Update

Last September I decided to get more serious about my at-home laser hair removal. I definitely did not stay as consistent with it as I had hoped but I did accomplish one thing. I’ve been much more consistent with shaving.

I’ve started shaving from the neck down with the exception of my forearms. It just makes me feel sexier and my wife enjoys the smoothness too. But, I’m still having the same issue with ingrown hairs.

One of my goals with the laser hair removal was to reduce the number of ingrown hairs I get and I was going to focus on the top of the pubic area to the bottom of my belly. I took a few pictures to compare with where I was last September and I don’t think the amount of stubble has been reduced but the number of ingrown hairs certainly has, so that’s a positive outcome.

I’ve decided to get professional laser hair removal done. I found a great deal on Groupon for 6 sessions of a ‘large’ area for less than $470. They define a ‘large’ area as half leg, buttocks, full brazilian, and a few other things. I still need to have a consultation before my first treatment and I’m interested to find out what they consider ‘full brazilian.’ When I used to get waxed a full brazilian meant the bikini line, pubic area and genitals, butt cheeks and butt crack. I have a feeling that for the laser treatment it will just be the pubic area, but we’ll see.

In any case, I want to eventually have everything removed between my waist and knees as soon as possible, and I’m so fed up with the ingrown hairs at this point that I don’t care about the cost. Well, I care but I’m just going to do it anyway. I’ll probably eventually have my back done as well, but that’s less of a priority.

I feel like when I feel sexy, things are better between my wife and I as far as intimacy goes. And that’s truly what’s driving all of this. I want to feel sexy because then I want to share more intimacy with my wife and I know she can sense that. It’s definitely more than just the aesthetics.

I’ll post periodic updates as I see progress. For now, here’s the before and after photo from my at-home laser hair removal attempts.

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