Long Term Chastity

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been locked in my chastity device continuously for nearly two years.

When I first became interested in chastity I heard people say things like that and I thought it was pure bullshit. I mean, who could have something locked on their body for that long? I sounds so extreme. Now that I’m the one saying it, it just seems so bland to me but I know there must be people out there that think it’s bullshit, just like I used to.

It is possible to stay locked in a chastity device almost continuously for an indeterminate amount of time. I can even imagine it is possible to be locked continuously, not just almost continuously. We’ve taken breaks here and there for various reasons, mostly having to do with skin health and sanitation while traveling.

Many people obsess about their locked penis by constantly mentioning how long they’ve been locked and how they can’t wait for release. To me, the chastity device just seems like body jewelry. It’s something I don’t even think about or really notice unless it’s taken off. I absolutely love how normal it has become.

That feeling of normalcy is something I wish more people who are into chastity could experience. I wish chastity could become a normal part of their everyday life. GC likes to refer to the Lori 8A as my penis’ ‘natural habitat.’

She’s on to something there. The device obviously isn’t ‘natural’ any more than any other body jewelry is natural. But for us, it has become natural and that’s the wonderful thing. She has accepted chastity as an integral part of who I am but not just that, she’s joined me in that mindset to the point that me not being locked seems unnatural. Being locked in a chastity device indefinitely is what so many people who have this kink dream about and I’m the lucky guy who gets to live it.

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