Date Night

A few weeks ago we decided that Monday would be our date night. We work jobs that are very mentally demanding so by the middle of the week our evenings are spent just watching TV and trying to escape for a few hours. Monday is the perfect night for date night since we’re still fresh off the weekend rest, and a lot of Sundays we don’t end up spending much time on ‘us.’

So it’s Monday. I’m waiting for GC to get home from work, which will probably be in about an hour or so. I’m not sure what we’re going to do tonight. We decided not to put too much pressure on ourselves for making date night special. The only thing that’s required is that we don’t watch TV and instead spend time with each other without distractions. I suppose for most couples that would be a euphemism for sex but for us intimacy is more important than sex. We like to spend time just cuddling and talking. Connecting.

It’s a lot harder than it sounds. I have a hard time being fully open about my thoughts and feelings and it’s because I always worry that I’ll overwhelm GC. I spend so much energy holding back that when it’s finally a good time my thoughts and emotions are just all tangled up in my head like ear buds you keep in your pocket. I have a hard enough time sorting them out for myself, let alone communicating them to someone else.

We also decided a few weeks back to try and incorporate some kind of D/s in our everyday life. It was something I felt like I needed. GC is not naturally dominant and I’m still trying to figure out my submissive feelings, so I thought that having a few rules in place would do a lot to help me feed that side of me. GC came up with some pretty tame rules like not leaving dirty dishes on the counter, but I really loved the fact that she came up with them on her own. (And in all honesty, she’s worse then me in the dishes department lol)

But lately I’ve felt like something is lacking and I can’t put my finger on it. I don’t know what I’m feeling which really makes GC’s ‘task’ of giving me what I need next to impossible. But somehow I feel like it might be connected to domestic discipline of some sort. Part of me just wants GC to restrain me and spank me until I’m crying. She’s spanked me before, but has never really spanked me. And I think that might be something I need. Maybe not tonight, but maybe tonight it’s something I should bring up to talk about. We’ll see.

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