The Honeymoon

We went to Australia for three weeks and it was… an experience. A very expensive, amazingly wonderful experience. We spent about twice as much as we thought we would and we had a very liberal budget. We probably put ourselves about 6-8 months behind in our financial goals. But for a once-in-a-lifetime experience we felt it was worth it.

I had very high expectations of the trip and unfortunately most of those were not met. I kinda set myself up for it though; looking back I think I probably wasn’t being very realistic with my hopes which is very un-LC like. I still had a good time and we enjoyed being able to have the time all to ourselves without the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We traded that for the equally stressful hustle and bustle of international travel.

GC enjoyed herself immensely. She got to cuddle a koala, see baby tigers play, feed penguins and kangaroos, see a dingo and wallabies in the wild, and we had sex on the beach. The real kind, not the drink. We didn’t get the chance to take any naughty pictures which was a shame. The ‘completely desolate’ area we went to ended up having a lot more people than I ever would have imagined. Figures.

We did get a chance to go to a beach where we could get naked. The beach was pretty much only accessible by 4WD. The area you could walk to was a clothed area, but further down it was unofficially clothing optional. We saw a lot of nude people and the youngest was probably 50. One of the things we didn’t plan on was being at the beach during a holiday weekend so it was packed. It was an extremely long beach and we were able to drive about a half mile down to get to a pretty private spot. We could still see people, but they were far enough away we couldn’t really see what they were wearing, and I assume vice versa.

Unfortunately we didn’t feel comfortable there. Not only was the beach very long, it was also very wide, maybe 300 yards from the water to the dunes. Behind the dunes was a protected area without roads, but we heard a lot of ATVs back there and they came to the top of the dunes occasionally. We had to park the 4WD far from the water for obvious reasons, and we only had one key so we had to leave it with the truck and leave the truck unlocked (unlike me, wink) so as not to risk losing it.

We walked down to the water but I was uneasy leaving the truck unlocked so far away and felt very vulnerable seeing the ATVs come to the top of the dunes periodically. The irrational part of my brain envisioned some kind of Mad Max scenario where they drove down and started circling us, heckling and taunting, and then making off with our truck and leaving us stranded and naked. This was fueled by the overall unpleasant vibe I felt from the town. There seemed to be an undercurrent of hostility, and it just felt…predatory? I think that’s a good way to describe it. In any case, we only spent about 20 minutes walking along the beach before packing up and leaving.

I would really like to go back to that beach someday not on a weekend and definitely not during a holiday. It was gorgeous and would have been a lot of fun if we had felt comfortable.

That was all a few months ago, so we’ve been back at the grind for a while now. We spent so much time for so long focusing on the wedding and honeymoon that it’s almost strange to not have a big event looming in the distance. But that gives us the opportunity to spend out time and energy focusing on us, which we’re both happy to do.

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