With this ring…

So a few weeks ago Growing Curious and I were married. It was the most perfect day someone could ask for. The weather was perfect, everyone was happy and stress free, and GC was stunningly beautiful, of course.

We had over 100 people attend and every single one of them told us how it was the best wedding they had been to. The ceremony was moving and beautiful. The food was absolutely fantastic and the reception was a blast.

I still can’t believe how perfect it was. I wish I could tell you that there were ‘real life’ things that happened, like the cake was dropped or the DJ was late or old family feuds reared their ugly heads. But I can’t because none of that happened. Nothing went wrong. We were in the White Mountain region of New Hampshire at the beginning of spring and there weren’t even any bugs in sight during the outdoor ceremony. If you know anything about the area you know that this is impossible. But it’s true.

So we’re now getting ready to go on our honeymoon. We’re going to Australia for three weeks and I can’t wait. We plan on going into the bush for two weeks and one of the goals is to take a bunch of sexy pictures together. If we’re able to and they come out alright I’ll probably share some of them here. Stay tuned.

I had always had this fantasy of being locked up during my wedding day, but that was in the far past. In the last few months it’s become clear that there’s no reason for me to be unlocked unless GC wants to play.

I was a tiny bit worried that the device might show a little while wearing the tux so I decided to wear a thong from Body Aware. They call it their YogaAware sport belt but it’s just a thong made out of the same material as yoga pants. It’s designed to be really snug and keep all the bits in place, a little like a jock strap. The device wasn’t showing at all and if anything it looked like I didn’t have a package at all which suited me fine.

GC didn’t unlock me until the next night and we had sex. (PVI with orgasm if you want the gory details) It was lovely and peaceful, and extremely intimate. It had been over a month since I had been inside her and nearly two months since my previous orgasm. We had been planning to keep me locked and denied until the wedding and we definiely achieved that goal.

Now the goal is to wait until our honeymoon. I asked GC if she would not let me orgasm for the entire trip, just tease and denial or PVI without orgasm. She likes the idea and thinks it’s hot but she said she’s not sure if in the heat of the moment she would have the will power. She loves getting fucked by me and loves feeling us orgasm together even more, so we’ll see how it goes.

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