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I always wonder how well a blogger has their content organized. Sometimes it’s obvious that tags are random and often completely missing, or every single post is tagged with the same tags and categories. Then there are also times when I’m not sure if the tags are accurate, consistent, or used too broadly or narrowly. If it’s not obvious to me what the scheme is then I usually just ignore them altogether.

So I thought it would be cool to give you a guide, or glossary of what categories and tags I use and what they mean to me.


  • Life
  • relationship
  • kink
  • uncategorized

The Life category is for posts about day-to-day living real life, or primarily about that.

The relationship category is for posts about us, how we work through things and communicate, our thoughts about how we relate to things or each other and things of that sort

The kink category is for posts about sex, the specifics and down-and-dirty details

Uncategorized is for things like this post about the blog itself.


Tags will be used for specific things that fall under a category. For instance, the male chastity tag will be used a lot but it could fall under the Life, relationship, or kink categories. I’ll list some of them and I promise that I will try my best to remain consistent. They should be fairly self-explanatory, I think.

  • male chastity
  • tease and denial
  • orgasm denial
  • diapers
  • oral sex
  • D/s
  • switching
  • sleep
  • work
  • health
  • therapy
  • travel
  • spanking
  • orgasm
  • sexuality
  • soapbox
  • rant
  • blogging
  • photo




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