Hi, my name is Living Curious and I’m kinky.

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I was a guest on Off the Cuffs Podcast for episode 142!

Are you kinky? Are you interested in kink but not sure what that means for you? Are you with a partner who is kinky and you’re not sure just what to do about that or how to engage with them or support them? Do you feel any shame about who you are or what you do sexually?

I’m at the point in my life where I’m perfectly at peace with who I am and what I do sexually. This was not simple or easy and it was a monumental struggle. The transformation took place over many years and took a lot of soul-searching; I had to learn who I was and then accept that.

I’m into a lot of freaky sex and I love talking about sex, learning about sex and sexuality, and sharing my journey.

If you met me you would see a very normal, very vanilla person. This is not a mask and I’m not trying to hide some deep, dark, sexual deviant just dying to break free. I can go about my day and then go home and engage in all the freaky, kinky sex I want, and then wake up the next morning without all that inner conflict that I know a lot of people have. I know that feeling because I had it for many, many years.

I believe kink, fetishism, and power exchange are the rule of human sexuality and not the exception. I hope to show that to people so they can understand the ways that they already are kinky and feel more free about that.

Our society tells us what to feel about sex, and that’s mostly feeling shame. You should be ashamed of sex, except for the kind of sex presented in pop culture, sex that’s been vetted and deemed to be acceptable. For centuries that’s been no sex in the mainstream culture. Then vanilla sex was eventually recognized as actually a thing, but even at that point, oral sex was considered deviant or ‘kinky.’

Pop culture started showing more and more ‘sexual deviancy’ and people began accepting that. Oral sex isn’t deviant, then a little spanking isn’t deviant, then roleplay isn’t deviant. Now in the ’50 shades era’ people are starting to accept that some things might still be ‘freaky’ and ‘not their thing’ and they’re ok with that. You no longer have to conform to some rigid, acceptable form of sexuality.

That’s the mind-blowing thing. Society is starting to accept that sexuality and sexual acts are individual. Media and pop culture have portrayed, in some limited ways, people that do kinky things as completely normal people. People can begin to relate to that; they can say, ‘Wow, that character is a freak in bed but then in the next scene they’re buying groceries. That’s kinda, like, almost like me.’

So that’s what I want to portray for people. I want to share my own journey so maybe someone can see that it’s ok for them to like what they like and hopefully resolve the inner conflict they feel. Liking what they like doesn’t change who they are, they just need to accept that it’s been a part of them all along.

I think we’re all kinky. I’m going to try and prove that, eventually, someway. You can have a front row seat.